TeV Particle Astrophysics 2007
27-31 August 2007 Venice, Italy


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Parallel Sessions

I) TeV Particle Physics
Convenors: E. Baltz (Stanford), G. Servant (CEA Saclay & CERN)

II) Indirect Dark Matter searches
Convenors: N. Fornengo (INFN Torino), D. Hooper (Fermilab)

III) Gamma-ray Astrophysics
Convenors: F. Aharonian (MPIK Heidelberg & DIAS Dublin), L. Drury (DIAS Dublin)

IV) Gamma-ray Experiments
Convenors: M. Martinez (IFAE), G. Sinnis (LANL)

V) Direct Dark Matter searches
Convenors: L. Baudis (Aachen), L. Kaufmann (ETH Zurich)

VI) High Energy neutrinos
Convenors: J. Beacom (Ohio State U.), F. Halzen (U. of Wisconsin,  Madison)

VII) Dark Matter Distribution
Convenors: J. Diemand (UCO/Lick Obs.), J. Taylor (Waterloo U.)

VIII) Cosmic Rays
Convenors: P. Blasi (INAF Arcetri), D. Grasso (S. Normale, Pisa)

IX) Particle Astrophysics
Convenors: TBD

To submit a talk, please fill in the form at this http URL, an automatic message will be sent to the convenors of the corresponding session