International Symposium on Proton Emitting Nuclei 

Legnaro - Padova, Italy 

February 12 - 15, 2003 


  The "International Symposium on Proton-Emitting Nuclei (PROCON 2003) will be held in Legnaro (Padova), Italy from  February 12 to 15, 2003. It will be organized by the  INFN Legnaro with the sponsorship of the  Department of Physics of the University of Padova and the Department of Physics of the University of Udine


The conference will be held at the INFN - Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro beginning on Wednesday morning, February 12.
Wednesday, February 12 (LNL) 8:30 - 9:00 Registration 
Wednesday, February 12 (LNL) 9:00 Begin Formal Sessions
Thursday, February 13 afternoon Conference Excursion and Dinner
Saturday, February 15 (LNL) 12:00 End Formal Sessions

  The Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro are located 8 km south - est of Padova. A bus transfer will be organized from hotels in Padova to the conference site. The time table and meeting points will be posted later. 

  Detailed travel information can be found at the INFN - Sezione di Padova and INFN - Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro web pages. 


  The past few years have seen a strong increase of interest in nuclei beyond the proton drip line, both from an experimental and a theoretical point of view, and new phenomena have been discovered. 

  The study of these processes provide from one side a way of getting spectroscopic informations on nuclei far away from the stability valley that are difficult or impossible to obtain by other methods.  From the other side the description of the observed processes presents a challenging problem to theoreticians in the field. 

  This conference aims to review the recent progress in this field, and to provide the framework for the exchange of information and new ideas between experimentalists  and theoreticians, regarding future developments. 

  The main topics of the conference are: 
Experimental results on: 
      a)  one proton emission 
      b)  two proton emission 
      c)  alpha emission
Gamma and beta decay studies of nuclei beyond the proton drip line 
Theoretical studies 
Proton drip line nuclei and nuclear astrophysics 
New experimental techniques and future directions 

Each topic will be covered by invited speakers and by oral presentations selected from all abstracts submitted to the conference. 


Corina Andreoiu First Identification of Excited States in 59Zn
Andrei Andreyev Shape coexistence in the lightest Tl-Po nuclei, studied by means of particle (alpha and proton) spectroscopy
Carmen Angulo Spectroscopy of 19Na by the 18Ne+p elastic scattering at Louvain-la-Neuve
Jon Batchelder Studies of light Tl and Pb at the BGS and ORNL
Maria J.G. Borge Beta-delayed multiparticle emission studies at ISOLDE
Alex Brown Shell model calculations and 2 proton emission
Dave M. Cullen Identification of excited states in 140Dy
Cary Davids Recent theoretical work in proton radioactivity at Argonne National Laboratory
Tom Davinson  New Instrumentation for Charged  Particle Detection Systems
Lidia Ferreira
Non-adiabatic quasiparticle model for deformed proton emitters
Luis M. Fraile  The ISOLDE Silicon Ball
Alfredo Galindo-Uribarri 
Resonance scattering with radioactive beams and simultaneous two-proton emission from an excited state in 18Ne
Jerome Giovinazzo
Two-proton radioactivity: the case of 45Fe
Leonid Grigorenko Theory of two-proton decay and prospective candidates for experimental studies
Robert Grzywacz Digital Spectroscopy for Proton Emitters
Antonio Insolia Anisotropic alpha decay in deformed nuclei
Ari Jokinen Beta-delayed proton and gamma decay of 58Zn and comparison with 58Ni(3He,t)58Cu reaction
Stanislav Kadmensky Effects of nuclear reconstruction for proton decays of spherical nuclei
Heikki Kettunen
Proton decay studies at the gas-filled separator RITU
Wojciech Krolas
First observation of excited states in 140Dy
Andras Kruppa
Nilsson-orbit and weak-coupling model: non-axial deformation
Sergiy Lukyanov Proton decay of near spherical nuclei

Nicu Marginean

Gamma Spectroscopy of Proton Rich A~90 Nuclei
Chiara Mazzocchi
Decay of 114Ba
Ivan Mukha
Beta-delayed proton decay of a high-spin isomer of 94Ag
Alex Murphy
Proton unbound states in 21Mg and their astrophysical significance
Francois de Oliveira Santos
Spectroscopy of 19Na at GANIL
Marek Pfutzner
Evidence for the 2p decay of 45Fe from GSI
Jirina Rikovska Stone
N=Z and proton rich nuclei in the Hartree-Fock mean field model with a separable nucleon-nucleon interaction
Peter Ring
Properties of Proton Emitters in relativistic mean field calculations
Dirk Rudolph
Proton emission from high-spin states
Krzysztof Rykaczewski
Fine structure in one-proton emission studied at Oak Ridge
Darek Seweryniak
Rotational bands in the rare-earth proton emitters and neighboring nuclei
Francesca Soramel
Review of proton emitters done at Legnaro
Jean-Charles Thomas
Spectroscopic studies of neutron deficient light nuclei: decay properties of 21Mg, 25Si and 26P
Phil Woods
Review of proton emitters done in Argonne
Chang-Hong Yu
Gamma Ray Spectroscopy Beyond the Proton-Drip Line

  All speakers are invited to submit by email to:
a one page abstract in postscript format, before the 15 January .

  The book of abstracts, with all received contributions, will be distributed to all participants at the beginning of the Conference. Proceedings of the Conference, including both invited talks and selected oral presentations, will be published. All registered participants will receive a copy after the Conference. 

  Instructions will be posted later. 

  The registration fee is 220 Euro if paid before January 15, 2003 . After that date the fee will be 250 Euro
  Details for this payment will sent by email after receiving the compiled registration form.

  The fee will cover the book of abstracts, the proceedings, coffee breaks, lunches, bus transfer to and from Legnaro, the dinner on Thursday 13 February and the excursion on Thursday 13 February afternoon. 

  The fee may also be paid cash at the conference registration desk on Wednesday 12 February.

   Participants will be accommodated in various hotels in Padova.

  All information about accommodation and hotel reservation will be sent by email after receiving the compiled registration form.

  The deadline for hotel reservation is January  15, 2003. Bus transportation to and from Legnaro will be provided during the Conference:
  The time table and meeting points will be posted later. 

  Lunch from Wednesday 12th to Saturday 15th of February will be offered to all participants at the canteen of the Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro. 

  An excursion, included in the Conference fee, is planned on Thursday, February 13 afternoon. 

  Details will be posted later. 

  A social dinner, included in the conference fee, is planned on Thursday evening, February 13. 

  Details will be posted later. 

Deadline to submit Abstracts January 15th, 2003
Deadline for Registration and Reduced Fee January 15th, 2003
Deadline for Hotel reservation January 15th, 2003
Deadline to submit Proceeding Contributions March 15th, 2003