Planck 2009
From the Planck Scale to the ElectroWeak Scale

Slides of talks

Plenary Talks

R. Bellazzini (INFN Pisa) Recent results from Fermi PDF
H.-C. Cheng (UC Davis) Invisible particle mass determination at hadron colliders PDF
K. Dienes (Univ. of Arizona) A New Approach to Flavor
S. Dubovsky (Stanford University) Observing the String Axiverse through CMB polarization, CDM power spectrum and astrophysical black holes PDF
A. Falkowski (Rutgers Univ) Higgs was at LEP - supersymmetric models with double protection PDF
T. Gherghetta (Univ. Melbourne) EWSB with composite W,Z bosons PDF
B. Grinstein (UC San Diego) A Lee-Wick Extension of the Standard Model PDF
A. Hebecker (Univ. Heidelberg) A Realistic Unified Gauge Coupling from the Micro-Landscape of Orbifold GUTs PDF
G. Isidori (INFN, Frascati) Theory and Phenomenology of Heavy Vectors in Higgsless Models PDF
M. Mangano (CERN) The road from the SM to new physics at the LHC PDF
S. Matarrese (Univ. of Padova) Cosmology PDF
H.-P. Nilles (Univ. Bonn) Cross checks for unification PDF
Y. Nir (Weizmann Inst.) Flavour physics PDF
Y. Nomura (UC Berkeley) Dark Matter Signals PDF
G. Perez (Weizmann Inst.) News from the warped flavor frontier PDF
A. Pomarol (UAB, Barcelona) Models for the Fermi scale PDF
M. Quiros (ICREA/IFAE, Barcelona) Stabilizing soft walls PDF
L. Randall (Harvard Univ.) Flavor From Extra Dimensions PDF
M. Ratz (T.U. Munich) From strings to the MSSM PDF
L. Ristori (Fermilab and INFN, Pisa) Recent results from the Tevatron PDF
V. Rychkov (SNS and INFN, Pisa) Some things are just not possible: CFT lessons for BSM phenomenology PDF
M. Serone (SISSA) An effective description of the landscape PDF
P.D. Serpico (CERN) Dark Matter messages from the sky via Gamma rays PDF
C. Spiering (DESY Zeuthen) Astroparticle physics PDF
A. Starinets (Oxford University) Holographic recipes for heavy-ion physics PDF
A. Strumia (Univ. Pisa) Implications of the PAMELA and FERMI excesses on Dark Matter properties PDF
N. Toro (Stanford Univ.) Searching for New Dark Forces with GeV-Scale Experiments PDF
P. Ullio (SISSA) The contribution from single substructures to DM signals PDF
A. Uranga (CSIC Madrid & CERN) String phenomenology PDF
G. Villadoro (CERN) de Sitter Entropy and the Volume of the Universe after Inflation PDF
A. Weiler (CERN) Warped Flavor PDF
N. Weiner (New York Univ.) Cosmic Ray Signals from Dark Matter PDF
J. Wenninger (CERN) Status of the LHC machine PDF

Parallel Sessions Talks

I. Masina (Univ. Ferrara and INFN) Collider Phenomenology of a Fourth Lepton Family in Technicolor Models PDF
S. Kraml (LPSC Grenoble) Phenomenology of supersymmetric gauge-Higgs unification PDF
B. Grzadkowski (University of Warsaw) Pragmatic approach to the little hierarchy problem PDF
K. Tuominen (University of Jyvaskyla) Lattice Studies of Walking Technicolor PDF
M. Perez-Victoria (University of Granada) The Unhiggs Boson PDF
A. Delgado (University of Notre Dame) Fermions in the soft-wall PDF
M.Trapletti (U. Paris XI & Ecole Polytechnique) Gauge vs Gravity mediation in string model building PDF
C. Scrucca (EPFL) Metastable dS vacua in N=2 gauged supergravity PDF
C. Gross (Hamburg Univ.) De Sitter vacua in no-scale string models without uplifting PDF
G. Panico (Bonn University) Nucleons from 5D Skyrmions PDF
M. Zagermann (MPI for Physics, Munich) On Type IIA Cosmology From Geometric Fluxes PDF
P. Brax (IPHT Saclay) Facing Dark Energy in Supergravity PDF
G. Burdman (Fermilab/Univ of Sao Paulo) Electroweak Symmetry Breaking from Fermion Condensation in AdS_5 PDF
V. Rentala (UC Berkeley/ IPMU, Japan) RS graviton spin determination using azimuthal angular dependence PDF
B. Bellazzini (Cornell Univ.) The super-little Higgs with non decoupling D-terms PDF
B. Gripaios (CERN) Beyond the Minimal Composite Higgs Model PDF
L. Vecchi (SISSA) Discriminating between a light composite Higgs and a dilaton PDF
A. Ibarra (TU Munich) Cosmic-ray signatures of dark matter decay PDF
R. Ziegler (SISSA) Tree-level soft masses from SO(10) PDF
L. Calibbi (SISSA) Gauge coupling unification, the GUT scale, and magic fields PDF
J. Schmidt (DESY) Heterotic GUT vacua and their exact superpotentials PDF
T. Jones (Liverpool Univ.) Anom. Mediated Susy Breaking: spectra, sum rules and flavour violation PDF
F. Takahashi (Univ. of Tokyo, IPMU) Dark Matter as a probe into the early universe PDF
E.J. Chun (KIAS) Sub-GeV U(1) dark sector in GMSB models PDF
J.E. Kim (Seoul National University) White dwarf axions, PAMELA data, and flipped-SU(5) PDF
S. West (Royal Holloway U. London) WIMPonium and Boost Factors for Indirect DM Detection PDF
R. Catena (SISSA) The Galactic halo: a study from the Dark Matter detection perspective PDF
S. Rajendran (Stanford) Astrophysical Probes of Unification PDF
B. Feldstein (Boston University) Spont. Lorentz Violation, Negative Energy and the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics PDF
B. Garbrecht (Madison Univ.) Low Scale Leptogenesis from Non-Leptonic CP-Phases PDF
A. Notari (CERN) Cosmological Effect of Large Voids: an alternative to Dark Energy? PDF
A. Anisimov (DESY) Nonequilibrium Dynamics of Scalar Fields in a Thermal Bath PDF
P. Creminelli (ICTP) Sachs-Wolfe at second order: the CMB bispectrum on large scales PDF
S. Kasuya (Kanagawa University) Axion isocurvature fluctuations with extremely blue spectrum PDF
L. Covi (DESY) Gravitino Dark Matter and the LHC PDF
T. Hambye (UL Brussels) Hidden vector dark matter PDF
M. Losada (Univ. Antonio Narino) Implications of non-renormalizable operators for baryogenesis and dark matter in the MSSM PDF
A. Romagnoni (LPT - Orsay) (In)visible Z' and dark matter PDF
M. Papucci (IAS Princeton) Pamela after Fermi PDF
M. McCullough (Oxford) Inelastic Dark Matter, Non-Standard Halos and the DAMA/LIBRA Results PDF
E. Fernandez Martinez (MPI for Physik) Physics leading to large neutrino non-standard interactions PDF
C. Biggio (MPI Munich) Neutrino mass hierarchies in the inverse seesaw model PDF
S. Blanchet (Maryland Univ.) Testing Leptogenesis at the LHC in the type I see-saw PDF
S. Trine (TTP Karlsruhe) Probing Yukawa unification with K and B mixing PDF
C. Smith (TTP Karlsruhe) Supersymmetric Minimal Flavor Violation PDF
B. Duling (TU Munich) Tree Level Rare Decays in a RS Model with Custodial Protection PDF
E. Nardi (Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati) Some remarks on the problem of fermion masses PDF
C. Hagedorn (SISSA) Phenomenological Imprints of Discrete Flavor Symmetries PDF
M. Nagai (TU Munich) Flavored EDMs in SUSY models PDF
E. Molinaro (SISSA) Interplay Between 'Low' and 'High' Energy CPV in Flavoured Leptogenesis PDF
S. Lavignac (IPhT Saclay) Flavour violation in a predictive leptogenesis scenario PDF
J. Norena (SISSA) The Effective Theory of Quintessence: the w<-1 Side Unveiled PDF
Y. Farzan (IPM Teheran) Are small nu masses unveiling the missing mass problem of the universe? PDF
E. Trincherini (SNS Pisa) The Galileon as a local modification of gravity PDF
M. Wick (TU Munich) Probing New Physics with b-> sll and b->s nu nu transitions PDF
S. Gori (TU Munich) Predictions for Bs mixing phase in Susy Flavor Models PDF