Planck 2009
From the Planck Scale to the ElectroWeak Scale

Poster Session

Because of the format of Planck 2009, which permitted much fewer parallel session talks than in previous editions, only a small fraction of the many proposed abstracts could be accepted. Since there were many more abstracts worth a presentation than those accepted for a talk, we created a web-based poster session, open (after approval by the organizing committee) to all registered participants who paid the conference fee or whose conference fee was waived by the organizers.

Poster presentations will remain accessible from the conference webpage after the conference, and can be considered part of the "web proceedings" that also contain the slides of the oral presentations in the plenary and parallel sessions.

List of poster presentations and links

Albrecht M., TU Munich, Munich, Effective Theories with Spontaneously Broken Flavour Symmetry PDF
Brizi L., EPFL, Lausanne, Globally and Locally Supersymmetric Effective Theories for Light Fields PDF
Delaunay C., Weizmann Inst., Rehovot, Vacuum (meta)stability beyond the MSSM PDF
Dimastrogiovanni E., Padova Univ., Padova, Bispectrum and Trispectrum of curvature perturbation induced by primordial non-Abelian vector fields PDF
Furlan E.,ETH, Zurich, Realistic composite Higgs models PDF
Hunt P., Warsaw Univ., Warsaw, Reconstruction of the Primordial Power Spectrum Using Multiple Data Sets PDF
Jones-Perez J., Valencia Univ., Valencia, SU(3)-Flavoured SUSY in the Quark and Lepton Sectors PDF
Knochel A., Freiburg Univ., Freiburg, Observing Higgless LSPs at the LHC PDF
Koroteev P., Minnesota Univ., Minnesota, Braneworlds with Broken Lorentz Invariance PDF
Malinsky M., Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm,Non-unitary Neutrino Mixing and CP Violation in the Minimal Inverse Seesaw Model, PDF
Omura Y., Kyoto Univ. and INFN Padova, Padova, Flavor Symmetry Breaking and Vacuum Alignment on Orbifolds, PDF
Rosa J., Oxford Univ., Oxford, On the possibility of light string resonances at the LHC and Tevatron from Randall-Sundrum throats, PDF
Seidl G., Wurzburg Univ., Wurzburg, Unified Models of Lepton Masses with Wilson Line Flavor Symmetry Breaking, PDF
Uzawa K., Kinki Univ., Osaka, Dynamical intersecting brane solutions of supergravity PDF