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GAMMA is an experiment of the INFN’s CSN3, in the line of Nuclear Structure and Reaction Dynamics. More than an experiment, GAMMA should be considered a research line, with a program that covers the frontiers of nuclear spectroscopy from the proton to the neutron drip lines, from the low lying discrete states to the continuum, from the in beam spectroscopy till the decay studies spectrometers.

To measure the gamma decay requires the use of large gamma spectrometers composed of HPGe and/or large volume scintillators detectors. Those gamma spectrometers need to be installed at the best stable or radioactive beams accelerator facility for the production of the nuclei of interest .


In most cases these gamma spectrometers need to be complemented with other detectors (ancillaries)for the selection of the weaker reaction channels through the measurement of other decay products like Conversion electrons, beta decays, charge particles, neutrons evaporation or with the identification of heavy ion emerging after the reaction. Those ancillary detectors are sometimes itself a combination of complex spectrometers.


All these studies are performed within the framework of wide international collaborations.

The CSN3 experiment GAMMA has started in 2003 and it has been extended until the end of 2022 and involves around 51 physicists (40,5 FTE) and 12 technologists (6,8 FTE) from 5 INFN divisions placed at Firenze, LNL, Milano, Padova and Camerino (Perugia).


At present, two major HPGe arrays are running with detectors belonging to our collaboration: AGATA (GANIL) and GALILEO (LNL).

In addition, HECTOR (BaF2) and HECTOR+ (LaBr3) scintillators arrays (for high-energy detection), belonging to the GAMMA collaboration, are running in Krakow (Poland), RIKEN/Osaka (Japan) and sometimes also in combination with the AGATA and GALILEO arrays.

Also GAMMA owns 20% of the GAMMAPOOL detectors. Part of this detectors are presently installed at JUROGAM (JYFL, Finland) and DESPEC (GSI, Germany). For other campaigns see the GAMMAPOOL website.


The research activity of GAMMA makes use of both stable beams like LNL (Legnaro), LNS (Catania), GSI/FAIR (Germania), GANIL (Francia), RIKEN (Giappone), MSU (US), ISOLDE (CERN), JYFL (Finland), IPNO (Francia), ILL (Grenoble), ARGONNE (US), NIPNE (Romania), KRAKOW (Poland).


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