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POWER SUPPLY - Hewlett Packard HP E3631A triple-output
Main Features:
Equipped GPIB and RS-232 as standard.
All programming is done to use SCPI (Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments).
80-watt triple output supply
Three independent 0 to +6V/5A and 0 to +/-25V/1A outputs.
The 6V output is electrically isolated from the +/-25V supply
The +/-25V outputs can be set to track each other.
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Main Features:
Nominal voltage: 220Vac monophase, frequency: 50Hz;
Output voltage: 10-270 Vac;
Power output: 800VA;
Max output current: 3,5 A (7.5A, 15A, 20A);
Programmable ext reference output voltage: 0-10Vdc;
Tollerance: Vout +/-5% vs. reference output voltage 0-10Vdc;
Overvoltage protection programmable range 10�270Vac;
Automatic and manual mode.
POWER SUPPLY - Thurlby Thandar EL302D
Main Features:
Dual outputs, 30V/2A
Independent digital voltage and current meters for each output with 3 digit resolution Constant voltage or constant current operation
DC output switch, automatic mode indication Documentazione allegata
POWER SUPPLY - Elind 50HS6,4
Main Features:
Output voltage: 0-50V
Output current: 0-6.4A
Voltage Insulating (input-gnd, input-output, output-gnd) >50Mohm@500Vcc
Remote sensing for each conductor 0.5V
Line regulation: CV 0,01% + 0.005%; CC 0.02% + 0.01%
Load regulation: CV 0,01% + 0.005%; CC 0.02% + 0.01%
Residual ripple (20Hz-20.kHz): CV 300uV + 5uV/V; CC600uA + 50uA/A
Main Features:
Output voltage: 0-6,5kV
Output current: 0-5 mA
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Programmable Switching D.C. Power Supply - PSH3630
Main Features:
Wide Input Voltage Range and High Power Factor (P.F)
High Efficiency and High Power Density
Constant Voltage and Constant Current Operation
Over Voltage Over Current and Over Temperature Protection
Low Ripple and Noise
Standard Interface : RS-232C
Option : GPIB ( IEEE-488.2 )
Labview Driver
Output ON/OFF Control
Self-Test and Software Calibration
LCD Display
Built-in Buzzer Alarm
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Multi Output DC Power Supply - GPS4303
Main Features:
2, 3 and 4 Independent Isolated Output
Four "3 Digits" LED Displays
0.01% Load and Line Regulation
Low Ripple and Noise
Tracking Operation and Auto Series/Parallel Operation
Output ON/OFF Switch
Output Voltage and Current Setting When Output Disable
Fan Speed Control Circuit to Minimize Fan Noise
Over Load and Reverse Polarity Protection
European Jack Type Terminal (Option)
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